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Default Drag to 'marquee select items and time' is too sensitive

Drag to 'marquee select items and time' is too sensitive!

I constantly find myself selecting 2-3 pixels worth and then as a result creating a tiny selection that will prevent me from playing back from the cursor and will essentially spam play the selection (if loop mode is on). Also creates headaches when trying to create a split and not split either end of the selection, is sometimes too small to notice.

Basically, if the mouse so much as shivers during a single mouse click it will create a teeny-tiny selection.

A slightly larger time window in order to differentiate a mouse click from a mouse hold/drag might improve this I imagine (just a few ms)

Does anyone else find this to be the case?


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Human being with feelings
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I "only" experience this when dragging in the wave view area of Media Explorer ..
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