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Default Help w Faderport type device in OSC

NOTE: Got everything working except for volume sync and track name! Going to repost tomorrow with a working version. Thanks to Gecko!

So I'm trying to make a Faderport-like device with TouchOSC based on the LogicTouch layout that comes with it. Looks like this:

A little bit frustrating, the weird undocumented stuff that comes with it works for the most part, and most of the things I try from the official Reaper config file don't seem to work. Could use a little help as follows, roughly in order of priority:

- The volume fader works... but I'd really really really like it to pick up the current value of whatever track it's controlling automatically rather than current behavior where I have to scrub it to get it to pick up the control. If there's no way to do this automatically then if a sync button type approach would work that would be fine. The control has settings for relative and absolute response, neither seem to do anything.

- I'd like to have an RTZ (return to zero) button (that works lol). DONE thanks to GeckoLikesMartini!

- I'd like to be able to set and delete markers. Can't find a command for this anywhere. In TouchOSC there seems to be a option to send key commands so I tried having the Set button send an M lol but doesn't work.

- Track label doesn't work. Ideally this would have the name of whatever track the device was currrently controlling. The command I am currently using to try to do this is this:
from this line in the Reaper OSC config file:
TRACK_NAME s/track/name s/track/@/name
Also tried
...because a lot of the TouchOSC stuff that works has that leading /1. The original TouchOSC line was completely different, but didn't work either.

- I added zoom buttons that work, but the y axis (track height) ones don't focus on the active track, and I would like them to. Currently using:
etc. from the Reaper config file lines:
ZOOM_X- b/zoom/x/- r/zoom/x
ZOOM_X+ b/zoom/x/+ r/zoom/x
ZOOM_Y- b/zoom/y/- r/zoom/y
ZOOM_Y+ b/zoom/y/+ r/zoom/y

Everything else seems to work! It's pretty close, hoping someone can give me a hand finishing up.

Available to anyone who wants to test it or use it at:

If you want to use or help with it and you are unfamiliar with TouchOSC, f1.ReaperOSC needs to go in your Reaper OSC config file folder and your TouchOSC device needs the f1.touchosc layout file.

For convenience of anyone trying to help, I'll post the entire config file below.


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