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Default Numberless or Lettered Tracks

Sometimes you want some hidden tracks in your project but don't want them to break the numbering continuity for your other tracks, so the option to remove track number from certain tracks would be handy.

It would be extra hand if these tracks could also exist on a separate lettering system.


The first track is the default track, hidden from entire project, used to store track preferences for duplicating to new tracks, etc (wish it had no number).

The next 8 tracks are VCA tracks, identified by letters A-H, hidden Track Panels, visible Mixer Panels.
Default project has these 9 tracks, only 8 of which are visible, and only in the mixer. You open a new project, which appears blank.

When you add your first track to the project to start recording, its number is 10, though there appear to be no other tracks.

If this feature were added, the new track would be Track 1, which would make more sense. VCA tracks could also be placed at any position in the project and still be selectable via a constant set of Letters (instead of numbers).

Icing on the cake: This way of identifying tracks through multiple, separate alphanumerical systems would lend itself nicely to having at least one other independent mixer view. Additional mixer has been a long standing request.

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very nice idea
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I like this. I'd also suggest that tracks keep their numbers after repositioning.
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