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Danijel Milosevic
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Default Playback glitch on edits between two different video files

Hi, I don't seem to remember having this problem before....

If I have just one MP4 video, I can cut it and rearange the shots (and even do time stretching and fx) and everything works fine, even if I use multiple tracks.

If I have TWO MP4 videos, that were rendered using exactly the same preset (H264, 1920x1080, 20Mbps, every frame = keyframe) and I try to cut between them, there is always an obvious glitch in playback, which looks like a "blink" - a few frames of black. And this glitch ONLY appears on cuts between the different files. On cuts between two shots of the same file, it doesn't occur.

Is there a workaround, and is this a bug?

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