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Default BCR/BCF2000 under XP x64?

Howdie guys,

I've just build a new DAW, and for testing purposes I have borrowed the x64 edition of WinXP/SP2 from a friend.
It could be all so nice, as my peripheral hw has 64-bit drivers all the way, except the Behringer BCR2000. Bummer.
Now it is seen and installed as a standard compliant USB-Audio interface. But it's a friggin MIDI controller, arrrrghhh.

To quickly test the audio performance under XP_x64 I ran my Reason 4, as there are a few heavy hitters Demo songs. All is well, sound is great, CPU useage is FANTASIC compared to my old system, but NO FRIGGIN' MIDI Controller. Bullshit.
It's simply not available in the dropdown menu for MIDI interfaces. Usually it is recognised & configured all alone on Reason startup.

Anybody knows a way around this? Any possibility of finding a kind of wrapper for 32-bit drivers or so?
I have already sent a mail to Behringer Support, asking if they intend to publish 64-bit drivers for their gear, but no answer as of yet (3-4 days ago).

I'd be grateful for all ideas guys 'n gals

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