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J Kennedy
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Default to midi or not to midi, that is the question...


I haven't even found out how to edit midi in Reaper yet, much less record a new file. From the standpoint of a new user, it's hard to find and not intuitive.

I'm still on the cusp of using Adobe Audition as my flawed but main program, Reaper used as support but rapidly and inspiringly gaining ground.

There is this debate. Audition remains as an audio editor. The bloat of adding a full fledged midi program is too much. The clutter in Sonar is too much for many, as an example.

A happy medium has been reached by some of us in the implemented clock communication between an audio editor and a second midi editor, which are just a mouse click away. It would be nice if Reaper would go forward with a midi program that was separate from the audio application, with flawless communication between the two... or the option to run another midi software with full SMPTE/MTC capability from within Reaper. I'd gladly register another evolving midi project from this company. Does the midi implementation throw too much complexity into the focus on refining a dynamite audio recording program. Is there any downside to an audio Reaper and a midi Reaper that can communicate via virtual cables?

John K
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Art Evans
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John, midi in Reaper is how midi in Audition should be if they ever add it. If you don't want it you don't see it. But to see it, simply set the recording input to midi and insert a VSTi into the effects rack. And to run the editor, double click on a recorded midi item (or a midi file you have inserted onto a track).

Some would say that if you want a heavyweight midi app to go with Reaper, just run eXT inside Reaper. Depends on your precise needs.

If you want more detail, one of the midi experts here will doubtless provide it.
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Default some thoughts from midi user

Hi guys,

I'm a midiguy (90% midi 5% audio 5% unknown).

I have 2 Yamaha USB midi keyboards connected to laptop desktop with Reaper communicating with both at same time. I still use Cakewalk for more complete editing\conversions of pre-Reaper midi files.

There are two ways of getting midi data into Reaper, and depending on which method you use....will determine just how much editing "power" you need.

1: enter midi notes\data\midicc events by playing "real time" external velocity sensitive keyboards and recording to a track (fast and accurate).

2: use Reaper's built in midi editor, and TRY to use mouse and "draw" your notes one at a time (best of luck with chords !!!!).
THEN start adding little graphs to represent midicc (volume,velocities,panning,etc.), which IS a little mind-boggling to say the least. Anyone doing midi this way....DOES INDEED NEED a much better implemented "midi tools" built into Reaper to achieve desired results. This would of course make Reaper "bloated", and is the price we would all pay.

Method 1 is MY prefered method,due to speed and its versatility.When editing IS required (eg. played a few wrong notes),then I'll use Reaper's editor to "FIX" my mistakes.

Should I change a track slightly(modified sequence of notes)then I'll create another seperate track and manipulate required events and combine\substitute corrections to original track.

Until the day that Reaper has better control for
dubbing (adding to exsisting), or over-writing (replace old with new) and inserting (pushing exsisting events over to make room for new).....I'll continue using Cakewalk for these types of changes !!!!.

I'm still waiting for the day when Reaper has the ability to import a multi-track midi AND properly create new seperate tracks as in original file.....this is the MOST headache inducing problem with midi for me.

BTW: the main reason I use Reaper,is because I can use soundfonts with all the new VST's (thanks to Terry W.'s TAKE1), and record stereo audio tracks while playing midi files.... WORKS FOR ME !!!

these are just my thoughts on MIDI...hope it helped a little.

Terry B.
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J Kennedy
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Art and Terry,

Appreciate your feedback. As soon as they let me off from work I'll dive in and try to apply this. This gives me a good starting point. I'm finding for the most part, the features that I wish were there, already are.

John K
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