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Default AOT option for script windows

Hi there,

I was just reading through the thread created by spk77 for his wonderful MIDI script:

Many people are asking for an "Always on top" option, since apparently the script UI's are not (yet?) supported by Reapers AOT tool.

I'm using a tool (ac'tivAid) by a german IT-magazine, called "c't" to add multiple functions to windows which are not natively supported. This tool (compilation of scripts would be more appropriate I guess) is based on AHK (AutoHotKey), which is well known by quite some people around here (remember Bevoss's and other's scripts long ago?). Also, the tool was created initially for Windows XP, so that some of the scripts in there won't work anymore with newer windows.

But this AOT option still does and if anyone wants to have a look at it, personally I'm unable to code or find the relevant bits in the script that I uploaded to the stash:

But just search for AOT in there, and if you're comfy with AHK, I think you'll find the needed bits and info.

Hope this can be useful to someone, or maybe one of those AHK wizards could simply create a single AOT script/tool (also very useful for using Windows and other software generally) ?

Cheers, Raphael

Btw, I'm using the windows-key with scroll-wheel-click on the mouse to use AOT
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