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David Else
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Default How To Convert .MTS Video (Sony Cameras) to .MKV using FFMPEG

I had no idea how simple it was! I used to actually re-encode the file, no need, you can convert in about 2 seconds and then edit your video in Reaper

You just need to copy the video and audio into a new container and strip the subtitles.

If for some crazy reason you are not using Linux, the FFMPEG commands are inside the script:

Just save this and make it executable, make sure FFMPEG is in the $PATH and enter the script name followed by the file name, or the script name followed by --all to convert the entire directory.

#!/usr/bin/env bash


if [[ $OPTION =~ \.MTS$ ]]; then
# -sn blocks all subtitle streams from being filtered/automatically selected/mapped for any output
ffmpeg -i "$OPTION" -c copy -sn "$OPTION".mkv

if [[ $OPTION == '--all' ]]; then
for i in *.MTS; do
[ -f "$i" ] || break
ffmpeg -i "$i" -c copy -sn "$i".mkv

echo 'Please add the name of an .MTS file or --all'
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I thought you were asking how to do this, and now I'm finding out you already gave the answer.


By the way: codecs and containers are often misinterpreted. Containers can contain a lot of different codecs. So its always a good option to take a look inside.
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