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Default Reverb Preset Plugins

I'm not a Newbie per se, but I'm somewhat limited in how deeply I've delved into Reaper's capabilities. So I attempted to install Reverb plugins named VS8F Reverb IR 3.0. These were free, and the site where I obtained them claims they work with Reaper. I'm unable to install for some reason. I get the error message "missing header" or "invlaid header" etc. Help please? Or a better place to get compatible Reverb preset plugins?
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I extracted the IR wav files to sub folders, then I use plugin like ReaVerb included with REAPER to load one...

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Alcat1, those files aren't Reaper plugins, so they don't load as a plugin would. They're "Impulse Responses", which get loaded into a plugin that will use them, as Edgemeal did with Reaverb. So open ReaVerb on a track, hit the "add" button goo to "file" in the menu that pops up. Then navigate to one of those files and add it. Adjust wet/dry balance to taste.

Impulse Response files can be of reverberant spaces but also of guitar cabinets, fx, etc. Do a search for "Impulse" in the top level of the forum and some good info comes up.

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