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Default Reaper Linux driver question

I have both Linux and windows on my PC.
I installed Reaper in Linux Mint as an experiment and it seemed to work fine. I didn't dwell on it as did not know how to get my VSTs to work with it.
Later when I used Reaper in windows my sound card and OSC did not work and I could not see aspects of them in preferences. I reinstalled the drivers at set up preferences and everything was back to normal.
Was this a coincidence or was it to do with experimenting with Reaper in Linux
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Nothing on your Linux install should affect your Windows install, unless you're actually messing with files on the Windows partition.
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Kind of a long shot here, but it may be that, depending on how you switch from Linux to Windows, the Linux drivers for the devices you mentioned are not getting released when you boot to Windows.

Try switching your OS from Linux to Windows by doing a shut down (cold boot rather than restart) and see if the proper Windows drivers load.

Agree with Lokasenna, that nothing in your Linux install should affect Windows, but you never know.
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