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Default [v5.981] CPU usage does not decrease after freezing and muting tracks

I'm working on a drum and bass track that has a lot of different synths in Serum going on. So naturally on an old laptop that I'm using, it was starting to stutter so I froze many tracks and muted most of the rest.

Yet still I'm getting stuttering/ glitching, and the Performance Meter shows CPU usage still jumps to 45% at times. Which by the way, I believe it probably spikes to 100 on my overall CPU usage in Windows but I'm only seeing the usage in between the spikes.
I can see that my folder track "Melody" which contains only frozen and muted tracks, and only has an eq and a tape-stop effect on the folder track, still is using 7.5% CPU at all times, even when the song is paused.

I have the setting enabled to not give CPU time to muted tracks.

Unless I'm just using Reaper incorrectly (been using it for years now but I can always learn something new), this seems like a bug to me.
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forgive me for asking this question as it may be incredibly basic to you...

how are you freezing your tracks?

1. freeze and mute originals


2. save/remove items and online fx

Because If its 1. I wouldn't rely on a setting to stop giving cpu to muted tracks. that may be your problem.

What I didn't actually realise at first is that with option 2. you can actually just right click on frozen track and goto render/freeze tracks and now theres an option to unfreeze it.

maybe im stupid but I actually thought option 2 removed the original fx/vst for good and didnt realise its so easy to unfreeze and get it back lol!

so go for option 2!
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