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Default Mixer w/USB direct into Reaper?

Hi and thanks for humouring me on what is likely a very newbie question.

So, can Reaper be USB-connected directly into a mixer (that has USB capability) so as to record straight from that mixer (such as Yamaha MG10XU). If so, then how do you connect in Reaper?

If yes, then does that imply that one can get rid of an audio interface currently used to get into Reaper (and back out for playback)?

Thanks eh. Dan

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Yes and no.

Yes, you can connect such a mixer directly to Reaper, and use it as your audio interface. Depending on the quality of the A-to-D converters (I didn't investigate), this might not be a "high quality" audio interface.

However, from the specs, the Yamaha MG10XU provides 2-in/2-out USB channels. Which means you can't send individual inputs from the mixer to Reaper and record them on separate tracks. You can only record two channels (left/right).

Maybe this is OK, if you only record 1 stereo or 2 mono instruments at a time. If you are thinking of using this to record an entire band playing together, you'll only be able to record a stereo mix, not individual instruments.

So depending on your needs, this particular mixer might or might not work out for you. You might be able to find a different mixer that has more USB channels.
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Understand that you always need an audio interface. In your scenario, that mixing board includes a built-in interface. Your computer's logic board also includes a built-in interface.

So... for now you can use the audio interface built into your mixing board for up to 2 channels. If you need more inputs down the road, you'll have to buy more hardware. If you just need inputs and don't need a whole old school mixing board tagging along with them... then shop for just an audio interface.

Compatibility with Reaper is the same scenario with any audio interface. Reaper itself has the most comprehensive control set for connecting interfaces that exists in a DAW. The only limitations are OS related (less options for Windows) and quality of the device in question.
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Default Yamaha MG10XU mixer

Thank you. I also have that mixer. I thought my issue was the click track being recorded on all other tracks. This topic answers my questions and saves me from further frustration. I shall cease beating the proverbial dead horse
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