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Default Nirvana (well almost)

I've just got to brag on Reaper. This is the absolute best and most stable program I have ever used.
Been piddlin' with some songs all day today and no crashes, no glitches,no problems whatsoever. The only frustration is me learning the ropes.
I'm coming from using N-track for about 4 years and this is soooo much more gratifying and sooo much less of a chore to use thatn N was.
Keep on keepin'on Justin.
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Jason Brian Merrill
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yeah, sort of sad acutally, Ntrack had a great beginning...
Beliefs do not require respect. People do.
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Hey AllDay-
I'm with you -- I've ditched N-Track for Reaper (but with a heavy heart). It's a bummer, because N-Track was responsible for my re-discovering my love for writing and performing music, and for getting me started on a wonderful new adventure of recording in my basement. But it had become so unstable for me that I couldn't even open some of my old projects without crashing.

REAPER, by contrast, does everthing I could do with N (and more), does it better (no appreciable lag on the VU meters!), and does it on the same machine without breaking a sweat. Awesome!

My only fear is that all these requests for more features will eventually screw up an amazingly good thing!

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Yep new features has sure eaten Flavios lunch. The midi has never come together on N for me. The audio is ok but the graphics just stink I mean the redraws and such. Looking at the "whats new" page when you download N you see that most of "What's New" is bug fixes. That didn't seem to be the case years ago. And ya know it seems that Reaper sounds better. I don't know how this could be. It's all digital right?
I haven't really loaded a song up with plugs and things in reaper yet. It may have issues too but I doubt it from the way it is behaving now. And if it does I think it will probably die gracefully as opposed to N taking down the whole machine and making horrible noises.(Well, some of those horrible noises were mine)
Any way thank goodness for Reaper.
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