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Default [6.55] Flickering waveforms appearing in razor edits in envelope lane(s) (FIXED)

EDIT: Ranamed the thread because the issue reappeared in 6.55.
Original post's title:
"[6.53] Flickering waveforms appearing in razor edits in envelope lane(s)"

Original post:

Please see the gif below for a first impression:

This issue can tax performance of the whole GUI when you have a lot of razor edits in the envelope lane(s). I experienced significant GUI lags because of this and it can be annoying.

Here's, what I'm doing, my workflow and why this issue matters to me:
I'm editing an audiobook where I listen to the audio and while listening I make razor edits on the media item line (usually on silent parts which I want to shorten). These edits I eventually cut out using the "Item: Cut selected area of items" action while having ripple editing enabled so that later items close the gaps. I also have a volume-pre FX envelope opened where I also make draw razor edits while listening (in the same listening pass). In these edits I eventually lower the volume envelope down. After I do that, I delete all envelope razor edits for the selected track (with a script) and then I use the above-mentioned action to delete contents of the remaining razor edits in the media item lane. When I do that a couple of times, the issue as demonstrated in the gif above starts to happen and compounds the longer my listening passes are and the more razor edits I have in the envelope lane(s).

Steps to reproduce:
1. Load up an item on a track.
2. Enable loop source.
3. Extend the item for 10 minutes for example.
4. Enable ripple editing.
5. Open any kind of envelope for that track (I use the volume pre-fx but it happens with others too).
5. Draw a dozen razor edits over the media item (not on the envelope lane yet) and then use the action "Item: Cut selected area of items".
6. Now start drawing razor edits on the envelope lane. Don't draw just one or a few, but a dozen or a few dozen. Try to lower or raise the envelope segment in one of these edits.
7. Zoom out and in a bit - that's when the glitches usually start to appear.
8. If they don't appear yet, repeat steps 5, 6 and 7 one or two more times.

I couldn't reproduce the issue if I skipped step 4 meaning later items/portions of items weren't moved forward. I believe that the issue is somehow connected to that.

As mentioned above, this usually happens only after a significant number of razor edits are drawn. I'd like to keep this workflow because it allows me to work in longer uninterrupted passes and then in one fell swoop I edit envelopes and/or shorten audio segments.

Edit: I forgot to mention: There's an intersting thing that happens in the gif - When I draw a razor edit in the media item lane that's contiguous to one of those in the envelope lane, the flickering stops but when I delete it, it resumes.
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