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Default Tempo Markers confusing ...

Dear Reapers,

I am confused about using Tempo Markers.
The behaviour of Items, set to timebase "beats (position,length,rate)
, when having more than 1 Tempo Marker in Ruler, is not understandable for me.


- 1 long audio item, set to timebase "beats (position,length,rate).
- This audio item is 125 bpm.
- Tempo Marker set to 125 bpm, at the start of Project. Fine: the audio item plays perfectly on grid.
- I create a new Tempo Marker, somewhere at the middle of the audio item, set to 110 BPM.

Now i would assume that only the part of the audio item, on the right of the 110 BPM Tempo Marker, would be stretched, to become 110 BPM in tempo.

But noooooo ; also the part on the left side of the 110 BPM Marker, gets stretched to 110 BPM.

Total illogical behaviour if you ask me ..
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