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Default General leveling of Volume

Hiya Ninjammers,

I think everyone knows the problem: When you're jamming someone enters the server, but has his volume too loud or far too soft. I noticed this can be a problem esspecially for people who play away from their computers like live drummers.
I thought of this problem, and I founded it a difficult one , because in public servers there is not one person who controls the jam or something, who could control the global volume for each jammer, leaving the other jammers to swallow the descisions of one 'masterjammer' :P.
Making a global volume that everyone can change per jammer, such that every jammer in the room can edit this general/global volumelevel for himself and at the same moment for his fellow jammers, is maybe a better solution, but, has it's problems too. For example, won't you get people who want to hear themselves more, or something, and you get discusions about the volume and that kind of stuff you don't want to have.
But what if you could check per jammer if you want to use the 'general' volumelevel, that everyone can edit for you or you can edit for the otherjammers, or your 'personal' edited volumelevel, which won't affect the volumelevel for the jammer you edited it for. Then you won't have this kind of problems I think.
I don't know if this is a good solution, and if you guys have other ideas about it, but solving this 'problem' can give the jam more quality in my opinion.


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