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Default Virus TI- plz share good + bad lowdown w/ Reaper

I am looking to get a TI. I have read some of the threads on here.. but some were older. I would like your experiences all good or bad on how TI works w/ Reaper. I would like to use the usb>audio link along with my USB soundcard.

Also... recommend a PCI or PCIe dedicated USB interface that has shown to work well with the TI? I am on a very powerful pc. I have a Fast Track Pro USB soundcard.. not that great.. I do a lot of intricate automation and I have the latency maxxed out at something insane like 2000ms. I don't have any other hardware and I don't play anything in real time so it works fine for me. Hoping the virus will save on CPU usage saving opening 10 or more vsti's.
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