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Old 12-05-2007, 04:13 PM   #41
Human being with feelings
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Hi all,

For what it's worth, after trouble shooting 3 different DAWs, 2 different firewire soundcards, and multiple driver configurations, I finally solved my issue by wiping Vista and installing a clean version of XP pro. Life is currently grand using Reaper, Presonus Firebox, and ASIO4ALL (because the Presonus ASIO drivers worked, but with serious and unfixable latency).

Vista users, if you can, make Factory Image Vista recovery DVDs from your partition (there is a wizard in Vista that will let you do this), grab a $50 unactivated copy of XP home from ebay, and start from scratch. From my conversations with a helpful HP tech support rep, Vista apparently "looks" at audio data in a fundamentally different way from XP, which may be causing it to conflict in the pro-audio interface department.

Worst case scenario, you can always pop vista back on from the recovery discs, thus keeping your new CPU (and warrenty) intact.

Hope this helps any who are struggling as I certainly was.
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Default Reaper worked again. An now


Thx for all your help. The solution came from another software. I installed (just for test) some other audio software (maybe Audio Editor Gold). Occasionally I started Reaper again. It worked!! End of the story. Nothing learned.


And now again!! Reaper worked now for three weeks without problems. Since today it plays (cursor bar moves, mixer show activity) but no sound. It happened the first time when I used Magix Audio Cleaning Lab together with Reaper. Although I checked all options (audio devices, sound levels under Vista), nothing helps. Other Sound programs are not affected.

I still use:
- Lenono T60p
- Windows Vista Home
- Reaper 2.017
- Audio Device: DirectSound, Soundmax Integrated Digital HD Audio

I love Reaper. But not this way! Has anybody an idea how to test or what to change/reset/...?

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Old 12-16-2007, 12:34 PM   #43
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Hi, I run XP SP2 and noticed, everytime I enable the Microsoft GS synth my master outputs are getting disconnected, although my meters are running. I use the Soundmax HD and ASIO4all aswell (at least once in a while). After disabeling the synth and a new reaper start everythings is fine again.
It doesn´t bother me but it´s a bug.
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See the link below that gives another thing to try for people who are still having problems.


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Sorry to bring up such a dead thread, but I found this searching for a solution to the same problem, and wanted to add my solution for any future searchers.
I just have a regular Sound Blaster running on Vista (mobo audio is installed but believe disabled). DirectSound and WaveOut both gave the same result this thread discusses: press play and nothing happens.
So I tried WDM Kernel Streaming. But upon hitting OK, Reaper immediately gave error that there was a problem opening the audio device.
After playing with settings, I found 2 devices (same name) listed under both Input and Output (see screenshot). Picking the lower one for both made it suddenly work!
I can even play in Reaper and other apps at once! Vista isn't perfect but it's certainly workable.
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Thanks for sharing this information natem345 (it might help others) and welcome to the forum.

As you might gather from my posts on this thread, I had a few problems in the early days, but it was well worth sticking with it and everything works great now.

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Default Where's my in- outputs for WDM Kernel Streaming??


To resurrect this thread:

Any ideas how to fix this under Vista SP1 and Reaper 2.5

Would like to give it a try as asio on my system comes close to prove Haas was right.
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john schumann
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I had a vista machine once,here's is what I think ,I don't want to get anyone mad, but, I now believe that Vista's main function is to control as much of the host cpu as it can...Why? so you end up stuck with it and whatever choices Microsoft wants. examples..... 1, no matter how many ways I commanded it to NEVER EVER go online,It would eventually find a way to bypass the HUMAN operated wireless button,I would be doing some intense mix and as my screen would turn milky white(sound familiar anyone?),I'd notice that not only had it gone on line but had RE INSTALLED! internet explorer and crashed my mix leaving no option except cold shutoff, which usually left my wave files scattered all over the place. 2 it was incapable of playing a song. I do use many tracks ,like 100 guitar parts , so I naturally figured that this was the problem but even if I muted all but 1 track the computer would stutter and skip and then crash into milkyfreeze mode. I noticed that this happened a lot when a loop recycled or a new part of the song would begin. 3 Reaverb? forget it rendering offline with the FX frozen was my only option. If I tried to listen real time , it always sounded like there was gravel munching my soundcard. I could FUME about this forever but I'll stop... I do have one theory, I think that vista very often tries to do the same operation twice at the same time. ,like open 2 reaper apps instead of 1, ..this always bombed the thing, many times I'd look down and see 3 extra Audacity progams running. Anyway after my computer died ,I got a Dell with a quadcore on the last week XP was offered as an option, thankfully i can now use the amazing Reaper the way I want.It should make people wonder why Dell now offers to (downgrade) your new computer to XP for only 100 dollars? or Why Microsoft has a new ad that shows "real people, not actors" getting tricked into trying "mojave" only to find out that it was vista all along...
I know some of you know what I'm talking about...if not , I will gladly describe things in more detail. Reap on everyone,,, John Schumann,,,,,,,,,,

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Jason Brian Merrill
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I am having the same problem, and i narrowed it down to the gearbox plugin.

full thread here:


I also have the realtek driver and will disable that.

Vista is the best OS ive used
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For what it's worth, I just retired my aging EMachines clunker and replaced it with a Compaq Presario Pentium dual core with 3 GB ram (and of course, Vista). It was with some trepidation, since this is my first experience with Vista (other than my wife's laptop, which I set up but never use).

Basically, I yanked my Firewire card (TI Chipset) from the old computer and installed it in the new one, and fired it up. Installed the Presonus drivers and plugged in the FireStudio. Held my breath.

Everything worked like a charm. I was expecting a marathon setup and tweaking session, but so far so good. FireStudio synced perfectly, and it's running just great.

Sometimes I think some of the criticisms levelled at Vista might actually be problems from other faulty drivers, buggy VST's etc.

Anyway, last night was the first time I worked with it. We'll see how it goes over the next couple of weeks.
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john schumann
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Default More Vista faults

John again, another thing I didn't mention was buffers and latency. i record guitars only, so when i set my fast track pro to a latent as possible 4096, i thought that would help....nope. Setting the buffers to a ridiculously high amount made no difference than setting them low...I really think that op system is constantly doing hidden tasks that compromise any serious program. My brother in law is a programmer, and he patiently checked my machine out several times..I know he didn't miss something obvious..I really think Vista is set up to start the next "computer revolution" ,you know the one where our houses will all be one big system... gee great..."john's walking to the tv room,quick download his favorite song and start playing it,charge it to his credit card"
later John Schumann
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Default WDM Vs ASIO

Well quick read through this thread... here is what I observed:
- If you are running Vista, use SP1. OK, that is said. without service pack there were just too many issues.
- Get your drivers updated. all of them. Audio of course, but sometimes you'll have issues between video drivers and audio drivers, as most hardware manufacturer had (and are still having) problems getting vista drivers out.

Now... I've traced the problem back to this:
Whenever playing a sound, Vista uses WDM.
Usually, being a musician, you'll have Reaper using ASIO.
Stops in Reaper Audio usually happen when going back and forth between WDM and ASIO.
ASIO and WDM might not use the same samplerate. Usually problems occur in the communication between windows and the soundcard drivers, having different samplerates.

1st: make sure your WDM setting and ASIO settings have the same bitrate. To do that, choose your ASIO samplerate, then right click the sound icon in the task bar, playback devices/ properties of the device / advanced / choose the samplerate.

2nd: Try to stay away from flash. flash only supports 44.1kHz. And sometimes forces windows into goings into 44.1kHz. when that happens, next time you'll start Reaper, you'll have the hang bug.

3rd: don't use both at the same time. or you'll just end up with flash and/or Reaper not playing anymore.

On my soundcard there is an option to prevent WDM from changing the samplerate, however, Vista still tries and changes it... meaning Vista will consider WDM drivers to be a 44.1kHz when the soundcard is not, resulting at best in a nice pitch change, at worst in a audio device crash.

The best I found was to allow WDM and ASIO to change samplerates, and whenever there is an audio crash in Reaper, either run through the audio prefs menu, or re-initialize your card samplerate through the card drivers.
if the WDM audio crashes, close whatever application was using audio, and cycle your unit through sample rate so that windows gets the driver reporting of the right sample rates and re-aligns WDM samplerate with the unit samplerate.

This issue is a real hell... but as we are all using two different types of drivers for the same physical unit, I am not sure there will ever be a solution.
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I have the same problem, but I use Mac. I cant found solution.
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Might be a good idea to spell out exactly WHICH problem (there are several in the thread & its very old) and tell us what spec of your Mac is, plus what audio/MIDI interface you are using.
Oh and welcome to the forums.
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