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Default session mode and voice chat for linux

Justin gave me the new ninjam client core used in ReaNINJAM. I have integrated it into the ninjam version I maintain for use in gninjam and updated the gui to use it. There are still some small issues to be fixed, but maybe some of you would like to give it try;-). (Note: I did not update the curses client to use it!)
You can get the most recent version of ninjam, that includes sessionmode capabilities, from the svn on sourceforge:
svn co
and the corresponding code for gninjam from:
svn co
Compilation should work like written on my homepage:
For building the debian packages you probably have to do a
chmod a+x debian/rules
inside each of the source trees.

To use session-mode you have to activate the session-mode button. This sets ninjam to be slave of jack-transport instead of master like in normal NINJAM sessions. If you want to transmit something from your session you have to set the mode of the corresponding local channel to Session Mode. You probably should also mute the ninjam metronome;-). Then you simply set the jack-transport rolling by pressing play in qjackctl or ardour (when using jack sync) or hydrogen or whatever you like to use for that.

Voice chat should work by simply choosing the Voice Chat Mode for the appropriate local channel.
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Hey, thanks! And thanks Justin, too! I'll check this out (heh) next time I'm in Linux.
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