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Default Is “AAX” market worth the headaches?

Can those of you selling AAX versions of your plugins advise your experience? I am currently building VST2,VST3 and AU but now considering adding AAX. However upon reviewing Avid’s requirements and fees I’m not sure if the AAX market justifies the cost and effort.

Is AAX worthwhile or is Pro Tools a shrinking market/don’t waste time/money on this?

BTW - there are numerous “Wrapper” plugins out there that allow using VST plugins in Pro Tools. Is it even NECESSARY to make AAX versions?
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Default i wonder this too

would love to hear someone's experience with building AAX with their iplug project!

i went as far as to get the certification and buy the drm dongle but got caught up in latest project.

i felt satisfied that i could build vst2 and au for windows and mac. i imagine that covers most folks and i dont have to worry about using cumbersome drm.

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I guess it depends on what your goals are. Are you making a living from creating/selling plugins? If so, then I would say yes. Whether you like PT or not ( personally don't) a ton of people still use it. Plus, it has other benefits.

1) You look more "professional" when your stuff is available as AAX. Or rather, you look less professional when it's not.

2) You have the opportunity of "big names" using your plugins, which can go far in the marketing world.

AAX isn't that much of a headache once you get it set up and working. It's harder to debug.

If you are selling plugins, you should be able to make up the cost of the AAX fee pretty quickly.

I've never polled my users directly, but I'd guess at least 30% use AAX. I got enough push back from people when I asked if I could stop supporting RTAS that I decided to keep rolling with it, although I'm getting close to giving up on that one.
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Speaking as a consumer a plugin is good if it serves my purpose
not as to whether it is AAX or not.

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