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Default Invert Reaper's behaviour: right-click reset & double-click input value

Not really a feature request yet which is why I am posting in the general discussion forum, just interested in opinions if it could make any sense to include an option to invert Reaper's behaviour when right-clicking vs double-clicking parameters.

If this option is toggled on, the mixer volume fader (just as an example) would behave as follows:
Right-click: Brings fader back to 0dB
Double-click: Opens routing window and lets you input dB value for fader
Same for pan and any other Reaper UI parameters.

The reason I came up with this (as so often) is for the sake of consistency. There are many apps/plugins that work like Reaper does by default (double-click = reset, right-click= input value) and as many apps/plugins that work the other way round. In my case for example I use a lot of Meldaproduction's plugins and they work the other way round. So I very often have to switch mindset and this option would help people in my situation a lot. Other people who use more software that works the standard Reaper way would of course leave the option disabled.

It is unlikely that other plugins will offer ways to adapt to a user's workflow and as Reaper generally offers 100s of ways to do things in conventional as well as less conventional manners and adapts to some of the weirdest workflow preferences one might have and allows to invert a lot of behaviours I thought this might be a neat little detail that could be added and benefit maybe few or maybe even many users.

What do you think of this idea to have such an option in the preferences? Discuss.
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