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I've been using Booty's stuff for several years now,never a problem.
Win Xp Pro 32 bit.Reaper 32 bit.

I am a scruffy git on many thing but not my O/S.I clean my registry often and compact it when required.I also destruction test some drivers/VSTs as I have a quick mirror image of my system I can re-load in minutes.

I wonder how many people actually have the best drivers installed for their sound cards and just as importantly their video card/chips and I don't necessarily mean the,"Latest" drivers.

If you do a search for Physx on this forum you will seem my posts about that particular so called Nvidia enhancement and if possible not to install it and or remove it.It completely screwed my recording until was removed.Same with their,"Cool and Quiet" in the BIOS and drivers(Asus motherboard).
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