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Default MIDI sliders in CME went mad in REAPER

Hi everyone.
I have CME uf60 keyboard and it is quite good for me. I'm using it for almost a year and with combination of one NANOpad from KORG it works perfect. Almost perfect. For some reason when I wanted to bind sliders I have found that sliders number 6 and 7 send THE SAME MIDI MESSAGE. No, really, using either slider I can control the same parameter. But not only this. Other problem is that when I activate mode A (a button just below WIDI search) second slider does the same that first slider in normal mode. I afraid that there will be more same slider problems using B mode.
In FL Studio I haven't this problem, neither in Cubase. So it should be REAPER bug or driver incompatibility or I don't know what.
So, what can I do? I have downloaded drivers from official web page just few minutes ago and now I will try to find out will it work better (at least I'd like every knob and slider send its own message).
Thanx, dudes
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Default MIDI-OX, customizable knobs & faders

Solved already? Just to make sure: The older UF6 that I have comes with factory defaulted SAME message for many customizable knobs and faders while in the function modes (lit LED:s). You tweak them by pressing the A/B mode button (for faders), holding it down and twisting the program knob while in lit LED mode. Doesn't really explain the discrepancies in different DAW:s but still useful to know. Check your manual for UF60 series details, I think it's pretty similar.

If you haven't already you may want to install MIDI-OX to monitor in real-time what your hardware is actually sending, to avoid double assigning controls.
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