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I recently posted a work in progress preview of a new prog rock song I'm recording. I used Superior Drummer 2 with C&V expansion for the drums, played on my Roland V-Kit.

Here's the link to the topic with the song download....

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Originally Posted by sinkmusic View Post
Shameless self-promotion, buti just released 3 new WaveShaper drum sample packs, one of them being some 12bit recordings of an acoustic drum, for some gritty goodness
There is a free kit to download, as well as 2 cheap ones.
Know more here :
uho I just listened to the demo: I love it!
Might buy it, so cheap anyway

I guess you know Goldbaby and the SP1200 pack?
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Thank you for the compliment
Yes, i'm aware about GoldBaby his packs are great too.
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I'm a HUGE fan of Toontrack products. I have both EZDrummer and Superior Drummer 2.0. For ease of use, I really can't say how much EZD & SD2.0 appeal to me. The expansion packs offer a wide variety of sounds for whatever you're looking to record.

...but...I had my head turned recently by Addictive Drums. Just the stock set-up sounded somewhat stronger (to me) than most of the Toontrack stuff. For the record, iZotope's iDrum sounds pretty good, too.

As far as MIDI files are concerned, I'm a bit of a junkie. I've got stuff from OddGrooves, GrooveMonkee, and Toontrack. As far as I'm concerned, most files won't have exactly what you need, but Reaper has an awesome and easy-to-use MIDI editor for that.
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