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Default Korg NanoKontrol 2 connection possibilities

Hi all! This is my first thread in the forum, sincerely i have always found my questions answered very quickly by searching it, but this time i think i need a more personalized help.

My NK2 arrived yesterday and since then i expended many hours introducing me to Control surfaces connections in reaper, CC's MIDI messages, plugins users have done like the upgraded MCU by Kinkle and a Reaper_nanokontrol.dll, plus all the stuff in the forum that mentioned NanoKontrol 2 (and also 1) and in the wild and wide google results.

By now i've found that there are a lot of people with my issue, and i've already at least three solutions, though any of them is the dreamy one:

1) Using Mackie Control Universal Kinkle:
All works fine except for,
- moving faders some at the same time (as anytime you move a fader it selects the fader's track, so when you move more than one it kinda dont know which one to select and crashes)
-the Marker Set (enables metronome) and Marker Left & Right arrows (don't do anything)

2) Using a Mackie Control Universal based called reaper_nanokontrol2.dll that i've found in the forum yesterday but i was in other pc and i couldnt find it now
which solves the marker's buttons issues, but still have the crashy moving multiple faders problem.

3) Using keymap (for actions in reaper by CC's) and scene data uploaded by PTF here https://stash.reaper.fm/v/9805/Reaper...ata%20File.zip
This one have the limitation of controlling 1-8 tracks only, but doesn't have the moving multiple faders drama.

Well, after the presentations my questions:
-Does anyone knows how to code the MCU Kinkle (which is open source) just to complete it with the nanokontrol2.dll working markers characteristics and disable the "select track" option when a fader is moved.

or a more opened one:
-Does anyone knows how to see/edit the MCU internal mapping with the NanoK2 to see and change how it works.

-I've read across the forum that the "keymapping limitation of 1-8 tracks only" could be solved changing the global MIDI channel via Korg Kontrol Editor to assign each one of the 16 channels to a packet of 8 tracks, i understand how it would function as: "get the "< > Tracks" buttons of the Nano to change MIDI channels and in reaper assign 1-8 Midi channel 1, 9-16 Midi channel 2, etc" but i dont understand how to do it, Could anyone help me with this?

+I love the MCU connections but they are not as configurable as the CC mapping, so if i could get them working for more than 8 tracks i would choose them. Also if could change MIDI Channels via the track button's or smthing, my last questions is:

-Can i, once i have my Nano fully functionable with the Mixer and transport buttons, assign some MIDI Channels to use some vst's?? How?

Thanks a lot, sorry for the eternal sentences, but i wanted to be as detailed as i could.

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nanokontrol 1 here - two of them.

Using either the oaknano template/keymap combo or the nano_reaper one, both work fine.

nano_reaper gives you four banks of eight faders, 32 channels in all, plus mutes and solos on the buttons and pan on the rotary knob. Oh and of course the transport controls, including record arm.
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tk_nacho i think this tutorial will work for you, wrote it couple of hours ago after struggling to solve the same problem, have a look:

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