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Default Dedicated Reaper DAW build

So I'm putting together my first dedicated DAW--specifically to run Reaper. I would appreciate any comments regarding the components I'm considering and how well they will operate in the Reaper environment. One of my primary concerns is to create an EXTREMELY QUIET machine.


MOBO--Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3
CPU--Intel i5-2600k
CPU Cooler--Noctua NH-U98 SE2
MEMORY--G. Skill Ripjaw 2x4GB
PSU--Seasonic X Series X650 (660W)
CF/DBD Burner--Lite On (iHAS 424-98)
Storage--Corsair Force GT (180 GB) SSD; Glyph GT050Q (500 GB) via SATA 6/GB
Case--In Win Maelstrom Black

*I want to use the CPU's integrated graphics (Intel 3000) rather than a low-end GPU)


EMU 1616M (I'm concerned about EMU's support services and driver updates)
RME Multiface II PCIe (budget permitting)

Any thoughts are very welcome.
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All I will say is that I when go to do a build and I have done many over the last 15 plus years, I research components to the nth degree. It takes me a lot of time studying like many weeks but when I build it takes me less than a day and I end up with really good and *extremely* quiet computers and I am not afraid to spend money on good componentry.

It can be tough because just when I think I have researched my perfect computer a new motherboard will come out and it will change a lot of my parts list. Yeah, I know I am sick.

However, almost two years ago I built two future proofed DAWs for my studio that even today is smoking hot fast and they *never* ever crash. USB 3.0 Check SATA 6GB Check DDR3 memory Check blah blah blah… but get this, with my i7 64bit Nehalem microarchitecture, today I could slap one of the fastest processors out there and my motherboard supports it with a simple BIOS update.

Now I do not want to spend over a grand on this CPU now because I want the most bang for my buck. Plus, I can safely overclock my current beast out the ying yang if I want to. When the price comes down to around $250.00 depending on my circumstances, I might just buy in.

My *point* is to do your homework and you won’t be sorry because your computer will last a long time and you won’t be plagued with problems and I am sorry I have no idea whether your parts list is good to go, but good luck.
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Hi Luckydog while waiting for my current setup that arrived this week, I had the chance to mix on a i5 with 16gig memory. I was surprised at it speed as I had an i7 920 previously.

Your setup will work fine.

6gb transfer on the SATA will not really give a difference at the moment, have to wait for the next gen SSD's to come out.

These guys has some interesting projects, some of the guys get PC's to run at 21db or under (that in my book is very very quite)

You can also build a case for PC to fit in if you really want it to be quite.

If you really want a very quite machine, get extensions and put it in adjacent room.
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My two CPUs i7920s that I purchased about two years ago at Newegg.com are now $10.00 more in price and I know why,... but it is a secret.

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