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Default M-Audio Axiom 49 / Asio4All / Latency Problems

So i tried to do a search but couldn't find anything pertaining to my specific problem, so forgive me as i know this topic is a well trodden one.

i'm having latency problems when triggering softsynths within reaper with the axiom 49 when going through the sound card (i can trigger notes and i'm getting sound). but there's not enough adjustability with buffer size to compensate for it without dropping the audio. so i downloaded the latest version of asio4all (2.10) and installed it, but it hasn't solved my problem. both my computer and reaper recognize the axiom 49, but the asio driver apparently does not. the implication here is that i can't configure it for my inputs and outputs. here's a list of things i've tried so far:

1) microsoft gw synth is disabled
2) windows sounds are disabled
3) the axiom 49 is configured as a midi input for the tracks i'm using
4) all other sound-making programs are closed when reaper is open
5) exlusivity for my speakers is off
6) the windows sound service was stopped and restarted

something that's strange - asio4all doesn't recognize the axiom 49, but does recognize my usb mixer as USB Audio Codec when I plug it in (Allen and Heath Zed 24 if it matters). resetting the midi controller, restarting my computer, and updating to the latest m-audio drivers have not solved the problem.

does anyone have any ideas on this one? im at a loss for what's going wrong and it's incredibly frustrating. thanks in advance for your help.

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Sad to say, ASIO4ALL works like a dream with many hardware items, interfaces and a good number of soundcards -- but not all. There's a sorry little list of those it just doesn't seem to like. I'm hoping your issue is actually something else and simple. But it may be this.

When that ASIO does work, it usually works very well. I'm using it to run some of my favorite Digitech guitar modeling gear into my laptop, because Digitech's own ASIO for the units have slightly higher latency and have a nasty habit of refusing to release my card on close, the result being a total freeze. No fun at all.

Best Wishes.
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