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hey man
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Default wifight 1.01 available for testing

wifight is an online multiplayer game service that lets you play Chess, Checkers, Reversi, and more with a slick installable client for Palm and PC.

So the release of 1.0alpha resulted in lots of good feedback, much of which has been incorporated into 1.01! (I decided to drop the "alpha" suffix and just start counting up version numbers, since wifight is being continuously developed anyway.)

Get the test version of 1.01 here:

If nothin asplodes this will go live on the front page next week.

Here's what's new:
        win32: fixed bug when client minimized and alert pops up
        win32: added installer option to create shortcut on desktop
        win32: added installer option to create quick launch shortcut
        all: made chatscreen onlineness lines a bit greener by popular demand
        all: fixed outbound chats showing up in the wrong font sometimes
        all: made selected chat lines text show white for better contrast
        all: fix minor misalignment of text fields on progress popup
        palm: fixed bug where chat items could repaint over a dropdown menu
Let me know what you think!
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hey man
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Aaannnd I just posted it to the front page! Woo! Already got 1.02 shaping up, too...
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