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Default wifight client 1.02t available

wifight is an online multiplayer game service that lets you play Chess, Checkers, Reversi, and more with a slick installable client for Palm and PC. Check it out at !

So since I decided to drop the "alpha/beta" thing and just continuously develop wifight, I'm gonna bring back the "test" version thing. Basically before version 1.X is released, I'll put 1.Xt into the /test directory. If changes are needed, then 1.Xt2 will be next, and so on. Once it all looks good then 1.X will go up on the front page. That's my plan.

And so: 1.02t! Lots of nice fixes and such in this one. Especially the 4fps bug for the winclient, bleah. Glad that's gone.

Git it at:

        win32: fixed bug causing animation to play at only 4fps or so (whew)
        all: optimized game render loop a bit
        all: improved floating point handling code in general, fixed some potential bugs
        all: fixed bug where turn clock rotated even if game was not animating
        all: robustified and stabilizated network packet layer
        all: disentangled screen menus, now a uniform wifight global menu on each screen
        all: got rid of superfluous turn display in lower right corner of game browser entries
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