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Default Are C++ safer/faster than Lua/EEL when parsing chunks?

First of all, my knowledge of C is closer to zero, so I`m sorry if I saying something totally wrong.

I though before that C++ code perform faster because it closely interract with some internal REAPER objects. Today I just for interest took a look at SWS source and find their stuff also operate almost same things I have in mind from scripter side.

bool SNM_AddTCPFXParm(MediaTrack* _tr, int _fxId, int _prmId)
	bool updated = false;
	if (_tr && _fxId>=0 && _prmId>=0 && _fxId<TrackFX_GetCount(_tr) && _prmId<TrackFX_GetNumParams(_tr, _fxId))
		// already exists?
		int fxId, prmId;
		for (int i=0; i<CountTCPFXParms(NULL, _tr); i++)
			if (GetTCPFXParm(NULL, _tr, i, &fxId, &prmId))
				if (fxId==_fxId && prmId==_prmId)
					return false;

		SNM_ChunkParserPatcher p(_tr);

		// first get the fx chain: a straight search for the fx would fail (possible mismatch with frozen track, item fx, etc..)
		WDL_FastString chainChunk;
		if (p.GetSubChunk("FXCHAIN", 2, 0, &chainChunk, "<ITEM") > 0)
			SNM_ChunkParserPatcher pfxc(&chainChunk, false);
			int pos = pfxc.Parse(SNM_GET_CHUNK_CHAR,1,"FXCHAIN","WAK",_fxId,0);
			if (pos>0)
				char line[SNM_MAX_CHUNK_LINE_LENGTH] = "";
				if (_snprintfStrict(line, sizeof(line), "PARM_TCP %d\n", _prmId) > 0)
					pfxc.GetChunk()->Insert(line, --pos);
					if (p.ReplaceSubChunk("FXCHAIN", 2, 0, pfxc.GetChunk()->Get(), "<ITEM")) {
						updated = true;
	return updated;
This function add 'PARM_TCP param_number' line to FX chunk. As far as I can see, there is no any special access to some internal variables, but just parse chunk. If I do almost same thing (I need to set parameter alias) in Lua, will it be 'worse' (much slower, less safer) than a using extension API?
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Originally Posted by mpl View Post
will it be 'worse' (much slower, less safer) than a using extension API?
Likely not slower by much.

Regarding safety, it's probably easier to mess up stuff when dealing with C++ or especially C code. (Even the simplest operations on text strings can cause memory corruption, if not done exactly right.)
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It's also worth noting that the chunk handling code above is probably quite far from optimal, but good enough
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