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Default Controlling Reaper via Matlab

Hello there,
I'm not really sure if it's the right place to ask this question, but I didn't find anything more suitable. I use Reaper to psychoacoustic tests, and I need to 'play track, to stop it, play from the marker number...' to be possible to perform in Reaper but through commands in Matlab. From the research I've made I know it's possible, but I need a hand with picking the best way to do so, and help in general because my programming knowledge is very basic.

- I know there is a dedicated plugin to handle DAW outside of Matlab, but it's more for analysis

- There were some suggestions for using activeX - but here I couldn't find any specifications on Reaper. SDK is also not my level, I'm no programmer.

- The most suitable seem for now OSC - and if anyone can agree with it, maybe someone had similar problem, and can share experience?
And maybe there is an easier way to solve this problem?

I would much appericiate any help,
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REAPER contains a web server to control it via HTTP. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkMAj8CpvIU
The documentation for the possible requests and their responses is in /main.js.

I think OSC can do what you want too. There seem to be some decent documentation in <resource dir>/OSC/Default.ReaperOSC.
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I've controlled reaper via osc from max msp starting/stopping playback etc.
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Which os, win,mac,linux?

For windows directly via commands via AutoHotkey, linux indirectly same via wine, not sure about mac, probably same as in linux.
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