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Default C++ SetEnvelopeStateChunk making Reaper crash.

I have been tying to implement Volume and MUTE envelope automation ARM and UNARM functions using "GetEnvelopeStateChunk"/"SetEnvelopeStateChunk" API calls, but Reaper keeps 'unexpectedly quiting" as soon as the "SetEnvelopeStateChunk" function is executed.

This is part of the code that I use

#include <string>
#include <string.h>

/************************************************** **********************************/
// void ArmVolEnv(int trackid)
/************************************************** ***********************************/
void ArmVolEnv(int trackid)

std::string msgtofind("ARM");
std::string rplmsg("ARM 1");

TrackEnvelope* trackEnvelope = GetTrackEnvelopeByChunkName(GetTrack(nil,trackid), "<VOLENV2"); //Get Volume envelope from trackid

char chunk[2000];
chunk[0] = 0;

if(GetEnvelopeStateChunk(trackEnvelope, chunk, 1999, true))

std::string msg1(chunk);
std::size_t found = msg1.find(msgtofind);
msg1.replace(found, 5, rplmsg);
std::string msg1(chunk);
std::size_t found = msg1.find(msgtofind);
msg1.replace(found, 5, rplmsg);
char * modchunk = new char[msg1.length()+1];
std::strcpy (modchunk, msg1.c_str());
SetEnvelopeStateChunk(trackEnvelope,modchunk , 0);

//Test that chunk is correctly extracted:
char msgbuf1[32];
ShowConsoleMsg("Original msg: \n");
ShowConsoleMsg(" \n");
ShowConsoleMsg("caracter count in chunk:");
ShowConsoleMsg(" \n");

//test that "modchunk" is modified:

ShowConsoleMsg("caracter count in modchunk:");
ShowConsoleMsg(" \n");
ShowConsoleMsg("Replaced by :\n");

// SetEnvelopeStateChunk(trackEnvelope, modchunk, 1);


if I comment out "SetEnvelopeStateChunk", it makes Reaper systematically crash.

I have attached the OSX crash report

Any help on that issue would be appreciated

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