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Default The VU Meter "A Suggestion"

Can I may a suggestion about the VU Meter, I have used Broadcast Desk's in the 1970.s in Radio Stations where they were used extensively, Ballistics of the meter don't seem to have the enough adjustment to get them looking right, I spent time looking for a National Semi Conductor Data Manual where the spec's and circuit is available haven't found it yet. The response time can be adjusted to 300 milliseconds, Adjustment for the release comes in whole numbers and doesn't give it in milliseconds. From what I've found on the internet the attack should be 300 milliseconds and release the same 300 milliseconds. what would be better is a calibration control so you can adjust it from 18 db of headroom to a level where it matches a reference track that you calibrate to for Mastering a track to level on the known reference track ie: Adele I miss You is -0.1 DB below FSD and just about hits Zero VU ON THE REAPER METER. Just to loud from IAN SHERHERD'S POINT OF VIEW DAW's have peak meters which is no good to determine the average level of a track so that's why they started using the VU plugins. Check out the VU's at Waves and Mymeter2 "freeware" the ballistics are better and it's adjustable. Unless you use computer code and that's what's needed here to make the necessary adjustments to the Reaper VU. I have both the Waves and Mymeter2 plugin. the reference adjustment would be good if it came in half DB increments for a finer adjustments for matching tracks in mastering, check-out the Home Mastering Show with Ian Shepherd

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