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Default Little help needed using Reaper live


I am planning to use Reaper to play back my backing tracks and also as an effects processor for my guitar and voice. I have read other posts here about it but am not so sure about some aspects of the setup so I'd appreciate any help or advice from someone who has done this. My setup will be quite simple:
Laptop+Saphire6 USB interface+AER guitar amp+Bose L1. ALl tracks are audio, no midi required.
From what I've read it seems the best way to do this is to have all my backing tracks ready to play as separate project tabs in Reaper, use SWS extension project list to call up a song as required.
My guitar and mike will be plugged into the Saphire 1&2 input which will go to my AER amp and then to the P.A.
The backing tracks need to go directly to the P.A. so I will need to use RCA output 3&4 on the saphire and send that separately to the P.A. and bypass or mute the Master output in Reaper routing options. (Not too sure how to do that, can someone do a step by step? Thanks)
Oh and what about latency? I obviously need to find a balance between stability and playability (I'll be using Waves GTR 3 as effects processor on the guitar and probably a reverb-delay-compressor on the voice but not too much, the AER has a good sound already)
That's all I can think of right now, obviously I need to do a test run but I just wanted to check here before I put in all the legwork organising the songs and playlist etc.

Thanks for any advice!
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