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Default How to edit envelopes easier?

Envelope points are rendered 7 pixels on my screen in total (even smaller when envelopes are minimized), and your mouse cursor has to be nearly dead on the envelope segment for REAPER to realize that you want to tweak it.

Both of these combined make it painfully slow for me to tweak envelopes at times as i am not very good at using the mouse.
Is there any setting or workflow that makes tweaking envelopes easier? (I did look around a bit but could not find anything)
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Originally Posted by BirdBird View Post
Envelope points
I have no working solution to the specifics of what you said but have you tried Automation items? It helps atleast for moving block of points always together and helps modification of multipled copy together also which is pretty advanced and nice to have.

But yeah I surely agree that points could benefit from a bigger handle AND MOSTLY possibility to navigate with arrows to select next and prev points to make value edits. Maybe the latest is possible, I just dont know how.
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2,4,8,6 on Numfield pushes a selected envelope point arround

and there are actions to jump to the next or previous envelope point (you have to keyboardmap those yourself)
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