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Default Renoise Redux

I'm having problems with the Renoise Redux VST. It does not get the
keyboard input from Reaper. Did anyone have more luck than me getting
this to work in Reaper under Linux?

- Ubuntu 2018.04.3 LTS
- Reaper 6.02
- Redux 1.1.1

This seems to be a known problem:
https://forum.renoise.com/t/linux-re...rdour/44280/26 (same problem in Ardour)

Edit: I've tried "send all keyboard input to plug-in"
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I think there is still no solution for this. Due to Taktik it's a "problem" of the DAW.

Debian - Buster / XFCE
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I would like to bring this up again. It seems to be merely an issue of communicating how this needs to be implemented correctly. While Paul Davis says that there is no "standard" way to do this in Linux VST (https://discourse.ardour.org/t/renoi...y-events/88301), it works correctly in Renoise (surprise!), and apparently in Waveform and Bitwig. So there seems to be a (potentially non-standard) way to implement the correct behaviour, and it would be great if Justin could get in touch with Taktik from Renoise about this. I also encouraged Taktik to get into contact with Justin (https://forum.renoise.com/t/redux-no...er-linux/59460), so I hope they somehow manage to get into contact with each other.
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