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Default Translating JSFX to C++


So Iím somewhat of a hobby programmer but have been creating my own JSFX for quite a while now. Over the past few weeks, Iíve been starting to port some of my JSFX scripts into WDL-OL so that I can compile them on my Mac and use them in Logic, since thereís no Audio Unit version of ReaJS.

Iíve had great success with a few of them, but others donít work anything like has intended and massively overload/clip/produce generally weird results. I think the core of the issue is I donít understand how EEL translates over into the different math types available in C++.

In particular, I have one plugin, which is a heavily-modified version of the Liteon Deesser, which doesnít work at all.

I understand that EEL uses doubles for all numbers, but how does this translate into C++?
With C++ doubles, do I need to put decimal points after every number, so e.g. 1 become 1.0 to make sure it is calculated as a double, even when the variable type is specified as a double? And what other potential snags are there to get caught on that could be affecting my results?
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