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Default Uaudio fails

Hello everybody,

I'm transfering from LogicX to reaper right now. I'm mostly through and have everything working, but one thing bothers me a lot and I couldn't find a fix.

Using Universal Audio Plugins, i found this with the channelstrips:

When activating the EQ-Section of SSL or Century CPU runs from 0.1% to 11-20% and audio gets noise and slows down. Without EQ Section it works just fine. Also the Dynamic Section does work fine.

The Helios 69 Plugin is different, i causes the same Symptoms like above even whithout the EQSection.

Turning On/Off Reapers UAD-Mode and the Anticipate Buffer does not affect this.

I never had those problems with LogicX.

Can someone help me with that?

Love, Chris

UPDEAT: I put UAD in Safeguard mode (Firewire). Seems to improove the performance of the plugins a lot. But I still don't understand why this is a problem with reaper. I never touched the FireWire-Tab of UAD with Logic.

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Reaper`s UAD mode is actually there for old farts like me with UAD-1 cards. I gather the newer stuff all works fine on PC & I have never tried installing any of mine on my Mac. Sorry - hopefully one of the Mac area guys can help, failing that UA`s support is excellent.
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