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Default CELT codec for lower latency

You may be interested in the CELT codec: and the recent development update at

While NINJAM doesn't depend on getting the absolutely minimum codec/network delay, shaving a few MS off might be handy for keeping under one measure lag at higher BPMs.

API wise it's easier to use than Vorbis. (The reference implementation has a simple one frame in one frame out interface).

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If you're interested in using CELT for "real-time" interaction, try llcon. (It'll probably make you decide to stick with NINJAM, tbh... ) ...And longer intervals are better for jamming in many ways, anyway, so shaving ms off the packet size shouldn't really be something to worry about, IMO .

Immediately you bring a second CODEC in, you require support for CODEC negotiation in both client and server, with some mechanism designed in such that existing and clients and servers -- that don't have the negotiation code and only have the one CODEC -- aren't impacted. I guess someone's already solved that somewhere for something. But once you've got a solution, it does allow for future enhancements. Which might be nice...
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