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Default Reaper for LIVE PEFORMANCE?

This is a pretty new area for me. We currently use a Roland Fantom XR and are tired of working with this dinosaur, and just really want to break into the world of LIVE VST performing.

We do use multi samples, and I am wondering if anyone here uses Reaper in a live format?

If so, would you care to share tips and tricks?

Thank you!!
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Been using reaper live for a few years, ALMOST no issues on stage...

PLAN and REHEARSE...what you might think is a good idea in a home/studio setting may not be practical on stage where you cant see shit, its noisy and crowded and there are cables and gear all over the place.

Carry backups of everything with you, make a config file of reapers settings.

We recently overhauled our whole setup, the old rig was running on a crappy old dell optiplex pentium dual core....with 1 gig ram. paltry by todays standards but it did the job and wouldnt have cost much to replace if it was damaged. the downside was having to optimise everything but it was able to run some backing tracks and process vst's live for guitar and vocal effects...the new rig is on a macbook pro, incredible jump in power but we also decided to run everything through softsynths instead of hardware synths. Great on paper, but there are occasional glitches from having several tracks record armed at the same time....with everything at optimal settings it was a very rare occurence but not acceptible, even with automated bypasses etc...so now the plan is to multisample everything and use as few instances of kontakt as possible making use of multi's. These are issues that you may not expect but need time up your sleeve to deal with if they occur...preferably not too close to gig time!

Investigate marker actions and custom macros...they are you friend! Test them thoroughly though as ive found some that are related to looping/regions can have some quirky behaviour, but reaper is still a fantastic DAW for live use...its NEVER crashed on us live during 3 years.
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