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Default Setting reaper for live use

I want to use reaper for live processing.
I have a Behringer xr18. Here is what i want to do:
-2 instances of Slate trigger for kick and snare with a SSL channel strip for each
-one channel for vocals with vocal riderand a cla76
- 2 stereo backing tracks with very light processing
My laptop is a Lenovo Y700 with i7 6700hq quad core, 16gb ram, 2 hard drives 256 SSD and 1Tb.
I tried this setting at rehearsals and got glitches and cracklings at 128 buffer size after about 20 minutes, altough the cpu usage was around 18-20%. If i use 256 buffer everything is ok but i get 7ms delay which is noticeable.
A few days ago i did a clean win10 install and the things are getting better but i don't know how stable will be...
What are your thoughts? Are there any settings in reaper that i should check beside buffer size?

Thank you for taking the time to read this!
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I am not sure what issue you suppose to meet.

For me "live use" means that there is some hardware input to Reaper and some hardware output is run from Reaper to some equipment. Here Reaper, the box it runs on and the equipment connected should be tweaked for low latency.

In fact I use Midi Keyboards for live playing and run the sound to loudspeakers, headphone or another Reaper instance for recording.

I use an NI Audio6 for Midi and audio I/O as same is specified for low latency.

In fact I use a XR18 for multi-track recording. I did not check of same is suited for "live", as I never checked it's latency specification.

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