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Question Need help with integrating 2 Reapers for LiveStream

The Audio Side:
Computer 1: Asus Laptop with Pentium B960 2.20GHz CPU, 6GB Ram running Windows 7
Computer 2: HP Envy Laptop with Intel Core i7-5500 2.4GHz CPU, 8GB Ram running Windows 10
The Video Side:
Computer 3: Unknown computer and specs, running freeware livestream broadcasting software (mixing 4 HDMI inputs from cameras and Computer 4's Pro Presenter currently via a very old and nearly broken video mixer)
Computer 4: 10 year old iMac running Pro Presenter for slides and other still graphics, sometimes a video, for multiple video projectors via HDMI

Computer 1 is connected to a Behringher X32 Compact via USB, and is both Recording raw audio for post production, and ReaStream-ing to Computer 2 all 32 channels across a 100Mb LAN, 1:1 (Chan1 to Chan1, Chan2 to Chan2, ... Chan 32 to Chan 32)

Computer 2 is being set up to run all of the effects, pans, volumes, etc for our Livestream broadcast, muting and unmuting the appropriate channels according to how Patrick's X32Reaper program reads the active scene on the X32.

Two Part Problem:
1) There's too much sacrifice of latency to remove only 98% of the clicks and pops, even at 2048spls on ASIO, and syncing it with the live stream video on a different computer is going to be a problem, 2) especially since some of the channels on Computer 2 don't even stay in sync with the other channels on Computer 2 (not sure where this is faulting from).

I've given each instance of Reaper on both computers a higher priority, but still there are clicks and pops (not very much, but still a few here and there... maybe 2 per minute until some background service kicks up a 'static storm').

WITHOUT CHANGING COMPUTERS (or buying a 2nd X32, can't afford either option)...
1) Will running a different OS setup (i.e. Linux) on both computers reduce the latency as well as 100% completely eliminate all clicks/pops?
2) Is there a way to guarantee sync across all of the channels?
3) Is there another way to do this?
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