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Default Rendering Queue: why is it opening a new tab?

I have two project tabs open; the second one has 5 regions and I've added them to the Rendering Queue. The first tab hasn't touched at all: it's saved and has no items in the Rendering Queue.

I open the Rendering Queue, choose Render All, and then it proceeds to open up a new tab and reload all the plugins, tracks, etc. again.

And (side rant) man those iLok plugins are brutal to load.
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It's because of the inner workings of the Render-Queue.

Everytime you add a project into the render-queue, Reaper creates a rpp-projectfile of the state the project is currently in at that time of adding it.
It will store this projectfile in the resource-folder/QueuedRenders.

When you execute the render-queue, Reaper loads these projectfiles, one after another, and renders them out.
And that is, why it opens a new project-tab, as it loads a project into that(and consequentially needs to load its plugins as well).

So if you want to have faster render-times, you should render the project, when it's still opened.
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