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Default Some workflow issues with RS5k...

I just finished a project with sampling my EQS-1 and using Reasamplomatic5000 to create a smale player, if you are interested I share the samples and everything here https://forum.cockos.com/showthread....18#post2203318

There are two issues with RS5k that I found annoying, one minor and the other less minor.

The minor thing is that when editing the Note start field, pressing Tab moves the edit point to some place where there is nothing to edit; it is unclear to me exactly where the cursor goes. I expected it to go to the next edit field, the Note end field, but I have to press Tab again to get there.

The less minor thing, is that when there is no file loaded, and I click the[list] button to the right, and then Add to add the sample files,
an invisible empty file slot is already in the list, as you can see here:

And then, when I add multiple files (maybe also with single file, I did not test that), that invisible empty slot appears on the top of the list, as you can see here:

The problem is that RS5k plays that empty slot and so the poor user does not hear what he expects, and goes bug hunting among his sample files to find why. And since that slot is invisible until you actually click it, this can take a lot of unnecessary time.
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