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Default Recording video in Reaper direct

Hi guys,
Is it possible? From what I can see, it isn't possible. Thought ceck in here and ask

I'm just looking for the easiest way to record videos of myself playing acoustic guitar, electric or singing while actually recording into my daw.

I use a macbook, and can record myself in Quicktime and set the Audio source to my interface, or a usb mic. Then i can import that into Reaper or Garageband and edit the audio etc etc. I know how to do all that.

The limitations of that are, that I can't set a click or play along with a backing.

Excuse the dumb question, if this has been asked many times in the past.

I haven't used the forum in a while..surprisingly I remembered the password..on logging in it said the last time I logged in here was 2008 haha

I've been looking at this for a few hours. trying to find a daw that has video capture. We live in the youtube era these days..in 2008 it was still fairly new. Wondering how to do this easily without having sync video, mess with a bunch of different softwares and work arounds
any suggestions?
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Reaper doesn't record video.

The only workaround that I can think of: record your audio in Reaper, while also recording video using a separate app. Then import the video into Reaper and align it to the audio.

If you can't record audio in the video file for the sake of aligning the video to the audio recording in Reaper (since maybe recording 2 audio sources in different apps won't work), record the video with no audio but use the clapperboard approach. You can even do this by clapping your hands together at the start of the video, or anything else that provides enough visual information of the exact moment of the audio spike you create in the process (for aligning it with the "clap" sound you record in the audio track).
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