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Default Hackintosh ReaMote

Just wanted to point out an excellent PC model for a Hackintosh ReaMote box, the Dell OptiPlex 9010 with i7-3770. It's got a good Hackintosh guide and kexts etc, and I've ran 300 ReaVerb plugs on the thing in ReaMote mode.

I hate Macs, but appreciate the plight of Mac users trying not to go broke getting good processing capabilities. OptiPlex 9010's can be found for like $100 used. If you run one as a ReaMote box, you'd be fine with any reasonable MacBook and 2nd monitor. Hackintoshes generally can't run the newest MacOS, but if they're just used for ReaMote and maybe video rendering, they don't need the newest OS. And then you don't need to pay huge bucks for fat processing in your main Mac, which can run the latest OS.

I honestly can't imagine considering a Mac DAW any other way. I've got two i7 laptops and two i7 desktops, all cost less than a decent Mac combined. With Reamote the two desktops combine for 500 ReaVerbs. Don't mean to come here and Mac bash, just letting y'all know how to save some big bucks.
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Originally Posted by Zigakly View Post
Hackintoshes generally can't run the newest MacOS
That's not really true anymore, a lot of people are running Catalina hacks but they probably aren't using them for music or audio since it drops 32bit app support. Most audio Hackintosh users will stay on or upgrade to Mojave as the latest (and greatest IMO) version.
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Oh wow, so if any 32-bit plugins are used, the main CPU can't run Catalina anyway, since it and the Reamote CPU must run the exact same plugins. I've seen how many plug-ins you have to run to exceed 32-bit RAM constraints, it's around 250 ReaVerbs. Most won't need anywhere near that.
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