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Default Arrrgg. Old mda AUs are packaged into single file that Reaper (maybe nothing) sees

Cleaning up the archives of projects I pulled out a few that use mda AUs. Some of those, especially back then, were pretty damn useful. I didn't go "non-AU unless no choice" until a few years ago, the reason for using either not being clear, or at least motivating enough. Anyway, Reaper used to recognize the mda AUs, as they're showing up in these as there but not there, in the "Bridged plugin may be open in top level window" state, though it's not, and audio only passes if it's bypassed, no plugin loaded. But I do have the mda AU plugins in the folder, the only version available, which is all the AUs in a single component file. Actually it seems no DAW is seeing this.

It's an old, 32 bit thing that I wouldn't be surprised if it had to be written off, but the VST versions are fine. Sadly, the settings are all lost if I replace them with the VST versions.

Is it the difference between old 32 bit VSTs bridging fine and AUs not making it through?

Not on Catalina, on 10.11.6

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