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Default Composing in reaper

Sometimes trying to write a new song or track, I get stuck. Ideas are present, but not so good as I want. Or nothing willing is getting.

So I can write some simple melodies but if I go to contest I need a good result with good quality. Pro composers - do they get willings at first day in minutes?
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Depending on how you compose, Kenn Gioia has (yet again) a great tutorial on recording in loop mode in Reaper, in which you could set up 4 or 8 bars of a drum loop, then progressively add new loops on bass, pads, leads, etc -- all while your previous loops continue to play. It only requires one custom action and a couple of preference changes to set up.

This method approximates the loop-based composing system in DAW's like Ableton, but avoids the complexities of the Playtime or Super8 looper tools. I've found Kenny's method great for quickly jotting down new, improvised melodic ideas as loops, and then later being able to expand those loops into full song arrangements.
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