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Default Noise Gating Drums

I'm trying to learn more about noise gates for recording my drumset. With ReaGate I seem to be able to gate sounds above or below a certain decibel level. Is there a plugin or a way to gate based on frequency?
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Not sure if this is what you're asking, but there IS a sidechain filter set on the ReaGate that acts on the detector loop... Look at the bottom of the ReaGate iinterface: Lowpass, Highpass sliders and "Preview filter output" tick-box are what you need.

Solo the track in question, and add the gate. First, tick the "preview filter output" box, and you should hear no change. Drop the low-pass filter frequency, and you'll start to hear the high-end disappear. Raise the high-pass filter frequency and you'll start to hear the low-end disappear. Adjust them both until you've pretty well isolated the resonant tone of the drum and MOST, if not all of the bleed from other sources has disappeared. Now, un-tick the "preview filter output" box, and you'll hear the drum full-range again, BUT the detector loop (the signal feeding the threshold control) is fed AFTER the filters, so you don't affect the tone of the drum, but the gate is MUCH less sensitive to signal outside the desired drum's resonant tonality. Finally, adjust the threshold, attack, hold, and release controls to taste. If you don't like "on-off" gating, just blend in some of the "dry" signal on the faders to the right edge of the plug-in, and you can set the gating depth. Most common is -5, -20, and -90dB (-inf) for gate depth.

For what it's worth, the ReaGate is a solid utility gate, and the only gate plug-in that I have... There is more detail on the gate in the user's guide, IIRC.
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As SoundGuyDave said, if you are looking at it to listen to particular frequencies in order to tell when to open and close, ReaGate will do that

If you really want to split up the frequencies, after mocking this up in reaper for ten years, we finally made this https://aixdsp.com/products/mutli-band-gate

ReaFIR will do frequency based gating which can make some really cool effects
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Thanks, I'll try this.
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