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Default ReaNINJAM v1.3 error

Hiya, since the update of ReaNINJAM to 1.3 I have noticed I can no longer copy from the chat and text area.
Also if this is fixed could possibly a or other port or url of this format allow the connect to be invoked, so people can post a server link and others can just click to join it. A message would need to pop up telling people that there about to leave the server and connect to another or something just in case of accidental click by NINJAM New Comers.
I think these little options would also encourage people to use ReaNINJAM and REAPER instead of the older NINJAM.

Thanks guys.

PS: When I used Session Mode ages ago I thought it auto downloaded other people's recorded tracks but not it doesn't seem to. REAPER does render out others audio but it is not seen.
Is this an option that was removed?

But if not it would be great if an ftp or similar could be associated so sessions could be continued or reloaded on reconnection to servers. Or even if just tracks were stored somewhere accessible to all. Else we have to remind everyone to save there end for later mixing. It's a lot I know to implement and when people leave it would mean somehow allowing people to keep there audio going, this is where I thought REAPER used to add like a ghost track of there's that you could adjust vol on and pan.

Also sorry, one last thing I use Cubase as well but it never shows in the Rewire List of REAPER, but REAPER's out's do in Cubase. It would be really handy if Cubase did rewire to REAPER, especially for session mode, this way people could record in cubase as midi then record in REAPER as audio. Else it means trying to manually sync Cubase to REAPER with a slight half beat latency of Cubases pre-roll.
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